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Last updated 12 February 2019

New Roots Events @ The Green Note - 13 February 2019
Robin Elliott and Jinnwoo are unable to appear. Artists appearing will now be Jack Harris and Ned Roberts. If you bought a ticket in advance and would prefer a refund please contact the promoter not the venue.

Bermondsey Folk Club
The club is on the move again after problems with their new venue. The club will run from 6:30 until 9 on the last Sunday monthly as follows:

Lewes Workshops - 31 March 2019
Workshop with Ian Kearey and Shirley Collins is fully booked.

Cellar Upstairs - 16 February 2019
Dan Quinn is unable to appear. The guests will now be Andrew Frank and Michael Hebbert

2nd Thursday Session, Kennedy's, Barnsbury
We had dropped this session from our listings in the February issue as we had had no contact with the organisers.
Since going to press we have had a phone call advising as that the session is still active.

New Regular Event - Camden Town
Kindsa Folk runs every Sunday night from 27 January at The Colonel Fawcett near Camden Road Station.
Described as " a night of folk, blues, country, soul and oddities".
They were just too late for the February issue but they should have a small supply of magazines available.

New Roots Sessions @ The Harrison 16 March 2019
The concert with Danny Wilson, Michele Stodart and Trevor Moss is sold out.

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