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David Kidman: Songs Worth The Singing


2016 CD by Yorkshire-based revival singer

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P&P: £2 UK/Isle of Man/Channel Islands; £4.50 Europe; £6 RotW

Dave really knows how to sing a folk song. A pleasure to hear him.” – Peggy Seeger

Yorkshire-based revival singer David Kidman will be well known to attendees of Sharp’s in Isolation, the London Sea Shanty Collective’s online Singaround and other UK and transcontinental Zoom singing sessions.

On this CD he presents an eclectic and thoughtful personal choice of 18 songs drawn from folk tradition and contemporary songwriting.  Many of these share a strong sense of place; they may tell of the trials of the working environment, or explore a love of nature – or the nature of love.  All, though, are undoubtedly “songs worth the singing”.

“The joy of this album is that it sounds as though David is singing his songs just to you. He captures the emotional honesty which is well known to anyone who has ever attended a folk club, but in a more intimate way.” – Eric Sharp,Folk Roundabout

“These recordings were the first time I’d really ‘listened’ to some of the songs despite having heard them repeatedly … David Kidman’s version of Beeswing has resulted in me listening to the lyrics of the song more than I ever have before.  … Other songs were entirely new to me, which makes this album a lovely discovery.”  – Ange Hardy & Rob Swan, Fatea

“Ee, I can ’ear ivvery word!  … a very thoughtful and committed singer, [David] inhabits songs totally.” – Kevin Loughran, Tykes’ News

Track listing

  1. Factory Lad
  2. Beeswing
  3. Last Of The Widows
  4. Coal Not Dole/Yorkshire Colliery
  5. Morley Main
  6. A Penny For The Ploughboys
  7. Where Ravens Feed
  8. The Rose Is Always White
  9. Now Westlin Winds
  10. Sweet Sunny South
  11. Follow The Heron
  12. Chinese White
  13. The Last Trip Home
  14. Mandalay
  15. Black Clothes
  16. Love Will Linger On/You Can Close Your Eyes