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Dorten Yonder: Dorten Yonder


Debut album by the north London-based folk group

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P&P: £2 UK/Isle of Man/Channel Islands; £4.50 Europe; £6 RotW

Neil Rogers, Jan Lawrence and Richard Cryan have been playing together since the mid-1980s, in ceilidh bands and other ventures. It was while playing in one of these ventures at Barnet Folk Club that they met Pete Eiseman-Renyard and then his wife, Maggie.

Over a period of some years they realised that while she was very diffident about her work, Maggie had written a good number of terrific songs. Finally, in 2013, while sharing a flat at Whitby Folk Week, Neil said: “The world needs a CD of these songs – and we are the people to record it.” Because the songs came first, they tried to treat each one in a way that suited it, rather than creating a band sound.

Dorten Yonder have carried on performing together – broadening the repertoire to include traditional dance music and song, and compositions by other band members.

Track listing

  1. Telling On You
  2. Mon Cousin Alexandre
  3. Bare Branches
  4. Bringing In The May
  5. Bremen Town
  6. Martha
  7. Peaceable Kingdom
  8. Old Bill
  9. Don’t Put Me In Your Song
  10. Daphne
  11. Peter Pan
  12. The Gingerbread Man
  13. Vanilla
  14. Zero