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Nick Jones & Alice Kirby: Blackheath


2022 CD by Nick Jones & Alice Kirby


P&P: £1.50 UK/Isle of Man/Channel Islands; £3.50 Europe; £4.50 RotW

Nick Jones & Alice Kirby have been playing together since the late 1990s, and through their love of English music and the Playford repertoire have performed for dances throughout the Midlands and beyond.

Currently two-thirds of the Knitter’s Jig ceilidh band, they still play as a duo and are regularly seen around the English festival session scene.

Alice played with her parents’ dance band in her native Yorkshire for many years, and has played and danced for morris and rapper teams. Nick has played for morris and barn dances since the late 80s. The duo explore interpretations of the 18th-century tunes upon which much of their repertoire is based.

Their latest CD, Blackheath, contains some interesting finds from the Playford manuscripts plus several new tunes composed by Nick.

Track listing

  1. Blackheath/The Goblin’s Dance
  2. The Bishop of Bangor’s Jig/Coty House
  3. Queen Besse’s Dame of Honour
  4. Carpenter’s Maggot
  5. The Man Preaching the End of the World
  6. Butchers of Bristol/The Handsome Ploughboy
  7. Black Crow
  8. Mrs. Penny
  9. Skip Hop/The Red Headed Girl
  10. My Lady Cullen/St. Martin’s
  11. The Bishop of Chester’s Jig
  12. Northumberland Air
  13. Broadwoodwidger
  14. Hare’s Maggot/Carey’s Maggot
  15. My Lady Winwood’s Maggot/Gavotte
  16. Sicilienne in Eb Major
  17. Dick’s Maggot