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Oct-Nov 2019 Folk London


Featuring interview with Belinda Kempster and Fran Foote, plus farming folklore from Demeter to John Barleycorn

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Belinda Kempster and Fran Foote interview: mother-and-daughter duo on a special musical relationship
The spirit of the corn: farming folklore from Demeter to John Barleycorn
Reviews: Coe, Peters & Smyth: The Road To Peterloo | Magpie Lane: The 25th | RANT: The Portage | Belinda Kempster and Fran Foote: On Clay Hill | Emily Mae Winters: High Romance | Granny’s Attic: Wheels Of The World | Winter Wilson: Live & Unconventional | George Frampton: Discordant Comicals (The Hooden Horse Of East Kent) | Finn Collinson: Call To Mind | Sunjay: Devil Came Calling | Mike Vaas: The Four Pillars | The Clutha: Live From Harvard | The Mellstock Band: Christmas Frolics | Skippinish: Steer By The Stars | Tony Burt: People Watching | Paula Ryan: Turas Cumadoir | John Tams: The Reckoning | Gwilym Bowen Rhys: Arenig | Topette!!: Rhododendron

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