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The HogEye Men: Fifty Years a Sailor


Second CD by the London-based sea shanty crew

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P&P: £1.50 UK/Isle of Man/Channel Islands; £3.50 Europe; £4.50 RotW

The HogEye Men specialise in the singing of sea songs and shanties. They also host a monthly sea song and shanty session in central London, which is open to all.

Shanties were worksongs of the age of sail. The HogEye Men keep these great songs alive, singing them as they used to be sung: simply, boldly and loudly.

The HogEye Men also sing songs about the sea, with occasional harmonies, in authentic and entertaining style. They have been singing together for many years and have a large and varied repertoire. They have recently been appointed as a resident shanty crew on board The Cutty Sark clipper, in Greenwich, London.

Fifty Years A Sailor is the second CD by the HogEye Men. Recorded and mastered by Jim Riley at the Ranscombe Studios in Rochester, Kent. All songs are unaccompanied, the way they would have been sung on the old sailing ships. A mix of well-known, traditional shanties (such as Bully In The Alley and Spanish Ladies) with a few sea songs added for good measure. The title track is a new song written by Garry Walker.

Track listing

  1. Fifty Years A Sailor
  2. Hello Somebody
  3. Bound Down Trinidad
  4. Paddy Lay Back
  5. Captain Bover
  6. Bully In The Alley
  7. Ten Thousand Miles Away
  8. Spanish Ladies
  9. Death of Nelson
  10. Can’t Ye Dance The Polka
  11. Collier Brig
  12. Man O’War